Miami Beach Condos  and Homes Color Wars: The Latest Trends in Colors for the Home in Miami Beach

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Friday, March 30, 2012
Color in a home can be a major deal breaker and interior designers and feng shui experts are continually experimenting with color in different places in the home, in combination with realtors to get the exact right look for buyers and sellers. Some colors are trendy, while others have long been staples in design. In Miami, it is uniform for a home to be decorated in all white, an influence from European designs of Philippe Starck which are popular in Miami and Miami Beach. Other trends in Miami Beach are those remnants of the Art Deco era, with lots of pops of color on white, along with Key West influenced tropical wood with island accents. Below is a list of NEW trends in spring color, enjoy and if you are thinking of selling your home or curious what is selling in your neighborhood, contact us today!
Yellow: Not only is yellow a mood lifter, but it also is an inviting color for traditional décor to modern depending on your style. For Art Deco looks, try canary yellow and for traditional, a lighter yellow can be used in nearly every room of your home for a relaxing or vibrant effect.
Pink: Light pink is a more traditional tone for spaces like childrens rooms and nurseries, while deeper tones of pink are increasingly used in dining areas and living rooms. In more modern spaces deep pinks make an excellent contrast shade with electric orange.
Apricot: This color is really making a comeback, since the 1970’s version which was popular in living rooms. It is now a really nice contrast to the blue skys and is used well in sun rooms. Many homes in Miami have Moroccan influences with deep Brazillian Cherry wood floors, and Apricot makes a nice statement in these types of rooms and goes beautifully with gold accents.
Beige:  You cannot go wrong with beige in any room. It is soothing, matches everything, and is the most widely used color in homes. Bedrooms and living rooms in beige are often decorated with living plants and green accents in Feng Shui, and the effect is truly romantic.
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