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Every day is a different experience in Miami Beach.  Its ever-changing landscape and the diversity of the Miami Beach real estate market present exciting new ventures, opportunities and events that make it one of the most dynamic cities in all of sunny South Florida.

Our Miami Beach real estate blog is always being updated with the latest real estate news about Miami Beach and its neighboring areas, including local events and exciting new happenings.  As part our ongoing efforts to provide you with the most comprehensive information on Miami Beach and its collection of varied property, we will highlight and acquaint you with a new, acclaimed Miami Beach condo each month.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Miami’s Popular and hip Design District is home to some of the leading interior design houses and companies in the country, and also is the recent home to some of the most progressive and luxurious pop up shops resulting from Art Basel. It is also home to some of the best restaurants in Miami, being Micheals Genuine, which won a New York Times award for top ten restaurants in the country. The keeper of 65% of these retail spaces and the owner of 51 properties is the commercial group Dacra, run by a longtime developer of South Beach and the Miami in general, Craig Robbins.  Craig Robbins has sought to extend their reach further with a plan to give the design district a facelift to the tune of $312 million.  
Robbins and Dacra introduced this project under the “Special Area Plan” portion of Miami 21 zoning code and it is already in line with the zoning, however they are seeking to close 39th street for 4 blocks to create a small scale promenade for pedestrians and will have department stores on either end. They are in talks with luxury giant Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, which indicates that these shops will likely be more upscale than Bal Harbour. The design district is already home to an Hermes, Tom Ford and Burberry. Further, they have a hotel and 100 unit residential community within the plans. These would have to be specially voted in since there is no residential zoning, however it would be very exciting in terms of real estate. In addition, the entire plan is green with sod roofs and mature shade providing trees. We look forward to watching this development.
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Monday, June 11, 2012
Moving can be one of the top five stressors in life, however with the correct preparations and correct management of staff, it can be relatively simple. Miami is home to a number of excellent movers and there are also staff at your building and concierge who are personally acquainted with trustworthy movers. This is not to say that you will still want to handle certain things yourself, whether it’s the incredible shoe collection or the watches you collect. Beyond personal items there are also architectural items that require special care, such as installed sculpture, additional lighting, and specialty water filters. We would like to offer some tips to luxury moving, if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us today.
1.      Contact Your Building Concierge and Management. As soon as you know you are moving, and know the date, choose a date to move at least one week if possible before you actually have to be moved. There are always contingencies and often buildings have policies on moving, potentially a waiting list for freight elevators.
2.      Hire specialists. For sculpture, fixtures, and rugs, hire specialty movers who have temperature control and expertise in this area. There is nothing worse than a broken several thousand dollar anything, which can result from and inexperienced mover. Further, while it may not sound important, some rugs, antique oriental rugs for example really do require climate control. Do not skimp on this count.
3.      Plan Ahead. Have your staff on hand extra days of the week. When packing all of your most important possessions, do this first, then have a precise plan of delegating packing duties to several people. Usually by room is the most effective. Make sure you are supervising to insure everything is correct or have someone you trust there, however if you can be there, it really is an excellent time to de clutter and get rid of unwanted items.
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Friday, June 8, 2012
Casa Casuarina, home to the late Gianni Versace, has been listed for sale by real estate magnates, The Jills. This historic estate is where he was tragically gunned down in 1997. Versace originally purchased the home and the neighboring lot for under $10 million and restored and invested another $33 million. The additions included a 6,100 square foot wing to the south, 54 foot mosaic tile pool with 24 karat fold inserts, mosaic courtyards, and hand painted frescoes adorning every wall, indoors and out. After his passing, the home was acquired by Peter Loftin in 2000 for $20 million and this home was used as his private residence. Loftin later turned the residence into a boutique hotel and with the help of Barton G. restaurant, in 2009 it opened as, Villa by Barton G.
This home has ten bedrooms and 11 bathrooms and overlooks the Ocean and Ocean Drive.  It originally was built in 1930 by famed architect Alden Freeman. After the extensive renovations and various private and commercial interests in the home, the price tag is understandably higher and with the current low inventory in Miami Beach, and incremental increases in prices, this property may very well fetch this high list price. Further, being situated on Ocean Drive amidst hotels and retail spaces, this home could be sold either commercially, as a hotel, or as a private residence. For more information on this property and other stunning properties in Miami Beach contact us today.
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Thursday, June 7, 2012
Homestead may very well be the next Hollywood, if Commissioner Joe Martinez gets his way. Commissioner Martinez has come out in support of the Trump Organizations proposal to build on 790 acres of county owned land near the Homestead Air Reserve. The county commission has given the property appraisers office 180 days to research the feasibility of the plans, and 90 days to report preliminary findings. The location of Homestead was chosen due to its proximity to Latin and Central America, Europe, and New York. When asked for comment Commissioner Martinez had this to say, “There are challenges for sure, Trump is a real estate man and the first thing he says is know your property. There are things that have to be worked out but…. You gotta dream. Las Vegas came out of a desert. You have to start somewhere.”
The architect hired by the Trump Organization projects the complex to have a 250,000 square foot sound stage, hotel, airport, heliport, and auxiliary structures that can hold up to 140 sets. The weather in South Florida also contribute to the feasibility of filming here. Rock of Ages was recently filmed in Miami and the television shows CSI Miami and Burn Notice are also filmed in Miami. The Trump Organization estimates that 16,000 jobs will be created and up to $300,000 million would be contributed to the local economy. Further, a film shoot would create $260,000 per day and a tv shoot would create $300,000 per day all towards the loca economy. This would be excellent news for South Florida. South Florida has nothing to lose with the addition of the movie industry, and we look forward to reporting more!
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Akoya is in one of the most established neighborhoods in Miami Beach, around 60th and Collins. This neighborhood is quieter than South Beach, yet is close enough to South Beach, that you still retain the big city bright lights effect. The beaches around this stretch have just been resanded and there is a lovely boardwalk running down two miles outside the Akyoa up to 74th street. The Akoya building is resort style with a full service gym, tennis courts, large outdoor pool, 24 hour concierge and security, with valet parking. Residences in this building enjoy being in the lap of luxury at a location that is convenient to both the shopping of Bal Harbour, the airport, and South Beach.
Residence 2101 in Akoya is truly a stunning property. Located on the 21st floor, this home has just under 2,000 square feet and houses 3 bedrooms and 2 and ½ baths and is listed at $1.45 million. The kitchen is top of the line with stainless steel appliances and the balcony overlooks the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. You have 3 parking spaces for this property and there is both a kitchen nook and formal dining room. The master suite is much larger than the other bedrooms and the split floorplan is highly desirable. All the flooring is imported marble and pets are welcome at this luxury building. The bathrooms are pristine in marble with whirpool tubs and most rooms come with a view. For more information on this property and others in the amazing Akoya building, contact us today for showings!
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Friday, June 1, 2012
The best way to freshen up a condo is to change the paint! For resale purposes this is a relatively inexpensive and worthwhile investment that adds volumes to value. Whether you have small children that took to crayons on the wall or you have pets that caused odor, a fresh coat of paint really makes a difference. Further, it can add a new dimension to a room that formerly had seemed small. There are so many colors to choose from that it may seem like a daunting task, however some to certainly avoid for condos are dark colors. They have a tendency to make a room appear smaller and by and large condo buyers are looking for those extra square feet, so light is best. Below are a list of colors that are trending in Miami and how you can use them to give your condo a facelift. For more tips visit our resource center!
Pale Peach: A pale peach in a bedroom or a bathroom have a calming effect, literally. We recommend this in condominiums because the mood altering benefits as well as the combination of peach and brighter hues, such as magenta make a room pop and are signatures in Miami Style.
Classic Eggshell: This is a failproof color that never loses its’ appeal. From kitchens, to bedrooms, to baths, to family rooms, eggshell really compliments everything. If you have bohemian accents, which is a popular style, it looks amazing with it, and you can repaint without the worry of having to paint a million layers over a dark color.
Light Blue: We recommend light blue for baths and bedrooms. Feng Shui principles dictate this, and we have found that it really does enhance the serenity of a room. Simple light blue and white make a beautiful bathroom and adding in touches of brown warm things up.
Beige: Beige is an excellent color for a living room or a kitchen. It goes well with stainless steel appliances and with wooden accents it can be a very inviting and warm color, for really any room. We see lots of beige in homes overlooking the ocean along with whites, the contrast is very tranquil.
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