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Every day is a different experience in Miami Beach.  Its ever-changing landscape and the diversity of the Miami Beach real estate market present exciting new ventures, opportunities and events that make it one of the most dynamic cities in all of sunny South Florida.

Our Miami Beach real estate blog is always being updated with the latest real estate news about Miami Beach and its neighboring areas, including local events and exciting new happenings.  As part our ongoing efforts to provide you with the most comprehensive information on Miami Beach and its collection of varied property, we will highlight and acquaint you with a new, acclaimed Miami Beach condo each month.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Not too long ago it was reported that South Florida’s Related Group, perhaps best known for the many Miami Beach condos it has spearheaded, was shedding some its assets such as the Trump Towers in Sunny Isles Beach.  Less than a month later, a new developer has already stepped in to seize control of the much acclaimed three tower condominium project.

Dezer Properties is actually the co-developer of the Trump Towers alongside the Related Group and is now claiming the ownership that once belonged to Related.  Much like Related Group, Dezer Properties is also responsible for major buildings that rival Miami Beach condos and also carry the Trump name, in this case the Trump Grande condo.

On top of assuming the outstanding $265 million dollar loan, Dezer has also slashed prices for units at Trump Towers by more than twenty percent.  Trump Towers once had an asking price of $600 to $700 per square foot but you can now purchase one of the remaining unsold units for $350 for a standard residence while penthouses now have a $600 asking price per square foot.  If Miami Beach condos aren’t your thing, strongly consider the now much more affordable Trump Towers.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

For the majority of us there’s still one more day left in the workweek but if you have some spare time tonight and are looking for something to do besides staying inside your Miami Beach condos, there’s lots going on today.  Consider it a way to get you motivated for another exciting weekend.

The Setai is already among the most popular Miami Beach condos due in part to its restaurant, better known as The Grill.  Visit tonight starting at 7:00 pm and you can choose a dish from The Grill’s Four for Forty menu which contains four distinct categories and all for the low price of $40 per person.

Head over to the Salsa Fiesta Mexican Grill between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm and enjoy its happy hour.  Among the highlights is the two for one domestic and premium beer which includes names like the popular Corona Extra, Stella Artois and more.  You won’t have to travel too far from your Miami Beach condos as the Salsa Fiesta Mexican Grill is on Biscayne Boulevard right next to the Julia Tuttle Causeway.

If you have errands to take care of all day you can still find something to do.  Another one of the ultra popular Miami Beach condos, in this case the Fontainebleau, will be featuring Tocadisco at the LIV nightclub which features music by Triarchy and Justin Shepard.  The event kicks off tonight at 11:00 pm.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Several of the classic Miami Beach condos have received a facelift in recent years, the popular Fontainebleau condo being one of them.  Also among this group is Caribbean, a much discussed building comprised of two towers reaching six and nineteen stories depicting Miami Beach’s customary Art Deco design.

Not too long ago Caribbean’s construction loan was purchased by a New York investment group which is now in the midst of reselling the 94 units within the building, albeit at a markup of forty percent.  Up to this point the group has managed to sell 35 Miami Beach condos within the building as a bulk sale for a price of $31 million, which averages to a little more than $580 per square foot.

Caribbean is one of the Miami Beach condos on Collins Avenue.  Its two towers contain 25 units and 68 units, the latter a glass tower located on the southern side.  Some of the amenities within the building include a pair of business centers, a relaxation lounge, a new age fitness facility and even a fire pit designed for social gatherings.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nearly three months into 2010, foreclosures are still a lucrative market, especially foreclosure auctions.  As you’ve probably heard time and time again now, purchasing property like Miami Beach condos that are under foreclosure is a process that novices need to fully understand and know what the [several] risks are.  These aforementioned auctions may not even be worth the risk unless you know precisely what you’re getting yourself into, you risk significant losses otherwise.

Many first time buyers make costly mistakes when buying property such as Miami Beach real estate via foreclosure websites.  Take for example one individual who thought he was getting a bargain on a Miami Beach condo valued at $140,000.  After placing a bid of more than $9,000 he successfully became the highest bidder of a condo lien…not the condominium itself.

Don’t be fooled by the low price tags on foreclosure properties and auctions.  That low asking price tag does not reveal these liens or hefty mortgages that often come attached to them.  If Miami Beach condos under foreclosure interest you, strongly consider using the services of a Miami Beach realtor who thoroughly understands how these types of properties work.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Miami Beach’s appeal among celebrities is nothing new.  It’s well known that numerous singers, actors and public figures own Miami Beach condos and homes in affluent neighborhoods like Indian Creek and Star Island.  Some of these residents also tend to make the headlines for the residences they put up for sale.

One of the latest examples of a celebrity selling their multimillion dollar property is multiplatinum rapper Lil Wayne.  The 27-year-old recently put his four bedroom residence up for sale for a cool $2.8 million, that residence located within the popular Murano Grande.  Murano Grande is one of the higher end Miami Beach condos belonging to a pricey collective in the South Beach area commonly referred to as South of Fifth.

In the meantime, Lil Wayne is still enjoying the high flying lifestyle.  He is currently renting Miami Beach real estate to the north of the Murano Grande condo over at La Gorce Island.  The current mansion he’s staying in is more than 14,000 square feet.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The W South Beach and the Gansevoort Hotel are debatably the most popular Miami Beach condos for the time being but that may be changing very soon.  The same way that Miami Beach evolves every day, there’s a new building that may become the next place to be on the weekends.

Next month the Hotel Indigo will become the newest of the Miami Beach hotels, giving those two aforementioned Miami Beach condos a run for their money and occupying the space once designated for the now defunct Bel Aire.  Also like the Gansevoort South Beach and W South Beach, the Hotel Indigo is already a well established name but offers something a bit different.

Unlike the vast majority of Miami Beach condos that offer hotel suites, the Hotel Indigo’s rates will be surprisingly inexpensive starting at less than $150.  Some of the highlights in terms of amenities include a swimming pool, complimentary Wi-Fi, a Starbucks on the premises and even a seafood bistro known as Catch 10.  Details are still scarce but Hotel Indigo may end up being yet another reason to stay in Miami Beach.

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