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Single family homes in Miami Beach are divided into luxury island paradises and great gated communities. We offer a comprehensive list of these communities so feel free to explore and discover your next dream home.

If you’ve ever dreamed of living near a celebrity or your own quiet island home with a boat dock to sail the seas whenever the urge strikes or a residence within walking distance from the sunny beachfront, we have a home for you.

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Allison Island
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $8,750,000-$29,900,000

Located on beautiful Biscayne Bay is the 8.5 acre land mass better known as Allison Island, a Miami Beach island highly regarded for its spacious lots and its luxurious residential property.  The unique oblong shape of Allison Island combined with expansive plots of land allotted to each residence allows each home am...
Biscayne Point
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $1,299,000-$5,432,100

The neighborhood of Biscayne Point is conveniently situated in Miami Beach, meaning residents can quickly access a plethora of attractions in a city that is unlike any other and is home to popular streets like infamous Ocean Drive and trendy Lincoln Road or five star restaurants such as the one at the high-class Setai. B...
Fisher Island Real Estate
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: N/A

Fisher Island has long maintained a certain aura of secrecy and its residents are practically in a world of their own.  The island is accessible exclusively by a ferry or boating vessel and uninvited guests are not welcome in this posh ultra luxury community.  What’s more, the island has its own supermarke...
Hibiscus Island
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $3,750,000-$29,999,999

The lavish mansions on Hibiscus Island are made even more appealing thanks to the convenience of around the clock gated security and its ideal secluded island location.  Best of all, the island is just a few brief minutes away from the 24-hour excitement of South Beach. Your island villa entitles you to, among other...
Indian Creek
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $59,000,000-$59,000,000

Indian Creek is situated is a luxury island community located on the west coast of Miami Beach. It’s known as the safest community in South Florida for its emphasis on secure access to the island and 24-hour security monitoring island activity. Indian Creek homes are situated around Indian Creek Country Club which i...
La Gorce
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $6,900,000-$170,000,000

La Gorce Island offers a luxuriant single family selection of both waterfront and interior residences that often stretch well into the ultra deluxe eight digits in cost. The area is so impeccably landscaped and the homes are so extravagant and comfortable, La Gorce is the equivalent of living like royalty. Seafarers will ...
Miami Beach
Area: MIami Beach
Price Range: $818,500-$170,000,000

Miami Beach isn’t just another beachfront city; it’s the city that put South Florida on the map and made it the successful tourist hub it is today. So, what’s so special about Miami Beach? Miami Beach has been ranked by many different reputable media sources as being the number one beach in the US to rel...
Miami Beach Homes
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $818,500-$170,000,000

When people across the country think of Miami, they picture sunny beaches with colorful buildings and bathing suit-clad people enjoying the great weather. They’re actually thinking of the city of Miami Beach, which is on a barrier island east of Miami. Miami Beach is a large city located on an island with tons of lu...
Normandy Island
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $989,000-$9,650,000

Normandy Island is a relatively large island off the west coast of Miami Beach. This luxurious Miami Beach island has a canal that runs directly through its center creating more waterfront real estate and easy navigation around the island. Normandy Isle is one of the largest Miami Beach islands and is located on the north...
Normandy Isle and Shore
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $1,650,000-$8,750,000

Normandy Shores is one of several neighborhoods in Miami’s ultra-trendy Miami Beach.  More than 250 lavish homes for single families and over forty apartment buildings are situated near the Normandy Shores Golf Club, recognized for its challenging course that overlooks Biscayne Bay and the recreational activiti...
North Bay Road
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $1,500,000-$28,000,000

Just north of the Venetian Causeway entrance to Miami Beach is the luxurious community of North Bay Road. North Bay Road travels parallel to Alton Road all the way up the western coast of Miami Beach. North Bay Road is largely populated with homes. The North Bay Road community is an entirely coastal Miami Beachcommunity t...
North Bay Village
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: N/A

North Bay Village is a Miami Beach island community with amazing residential property. This island community connects to Miami Beach and the Miami mainland by the 79th street causeway. This Miami Beach island is unique in that its massive size and perfect location in Biscayne Bay allows the island to have both condos and ...
Palm Island
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $2,500,000-$49,500,000

Part of a trio also comprised of Star and Hibiscus Island, Palm Island just like its two aforementioned siblings also features a mix of stunningly extravagant and luxurious waterfront mansions that reach up to $20 million in value and come with more than twelve bedrooms. For a cool sum of just over $1 million, you have t...
Pinetree Miami Beach
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $3,100,000-$29,000,000

Pinetree Miami Beach is a beautiful community of homes in the heart of Miami Beach. This community of homes located on Pinetree Drive has developed a reputation for some of the nicest properties in Miami Beach. Pinetree Drive runs parallel with the intracoastal providing waterfront homes in secluded locations. Pinetree Dr...
Star Island
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $28,900,000-$28,900,000

If you happen to catch a glimpse of a Hollywood celebrity while navigating through nearby Miami Beach, it's possible they have a home at infamous Star Island, a secluded and lush gated community made up of extravagant mansions that belong--or once belonged--to some of tinseltown and music's biggest names like Madonna, Syl...
Sunset Islands
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: N/A

Like the name appropriately implies, the Sunset Islands are an exquisite choice for enjoying the dazzlingly incomparable South Florida sunset.  These liberally expansive homes come with all the luxury one would expect from a private island villa.  You can enjoy not only the benefit of gated entry, but also a hig...
Venetian Islands
Area: Miami Beach
Price Range: $1,999,999-$33,000,000

The Venetian Isles, composed of San Marino, San Marco, Biscayne, Di Lido, Belle Isle and Rivo Alto Island, are attractively located between popular South Beach and Miami’s recently unveiled Carnival Center for the Performing Arts. The home prices at the Venetian Islands are second only to Normandy Isle in terms of ...
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17 Properties Found

Updated: Thursday, December 7, 2023

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