Five Opportunities to Supercharge Sales Communication

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Five Opportunities to Supercharge Sales Communication

Written By: PJ Wade
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

What could supercharge your sales communication without requiring you to spend big or make big changes?

Do you spend time and money searching for the ldquo;hot new tech or social mediardquo; instead of continually perfecting what you have already invested in?

Overlooked or underestimated room for improving communication effectiveness surrounds real estate professionals.

Prioritize the following Five Opportunities to Supercharge Sales Communication to align with your sales goals and reveal where your untapped room for improvement lies:

1. Listen Instead of Talking

No salesperson listens themselves out of a sale. Talks themselves out, yes. Too many get used to telling their stories and forget to listen to those of prospects and clients. Professionals who know a lot about real estate can always think of something to say, but random chatting is not effective professional sales communication. Increased use of email and texting, can leave professionals distracted and intent on responding quickly, not being strategic.

The opportunity=talk less, listen more.

Do you periodically record your presentations and client conversations to confirm what value you add and to learn what you miss? After years on the job, you can fall into conversational habits instead of remaining sharply conscious of what you ask about, say, and respond to. During accelerated exchanges through email and texts, do you concentrate on thinking ahead to anticipate challenges and seize opportunity for your clients and yourself?

2. Questions Sharpen The Sales Edge

Is it the prospectrsquo;s and clientrsquo;s job to know what they need? Often buyers, especially first-time buyers, are not fully aware which property features or benefits will best deliver on their needs and dreams. They ra>

The opportunity=tell less, ask more.

You understand the importance of asking questions to demonstrate your genuine interest in serving buyer and seller needs. Do you prepare questions and query sequences in advance to achieve specific communication goals during the sales process? Remember, you know what is coming next, but the sales process may be a surprise to buyers and sellers. Questions are not only information gathering tools, but opportunities to help prospects and clients increase their awareness of why and how they make decisions. Ask a wide variety of questions to learn exactly what will attract or repel buyers. What realities about what a buyer or seller wants versus the market realities facing them, will they need your help adjusting to?

3. Anticipate Objections amp; Build Rapport

When preparing a listing contract or an offer to purchase, what potential objections from the seller or buyer are you considering? Real estate is a very popular ldquo;media star,rdquo; where everyone seems aware of and at ease with real estate transactions. Some real estate professionals overlook the fact that individual buyers or sellers can be nervous about signing a binding contract or may have little experience with large financial decisions. In hot markets, professionals may be swept up in the competition, so they brush aside client uncertainty and >

The opportunity=anticipate resistance and prepare

When resistance increases, are you aware of whatrsquo;s not working for the seller or buyer? Whether expressed or not, objections persist to undermine real estate decisions. Instead of dodging resistance, have you honed your communication skills to draw out client fears and objections, so they can be dealt with effectively and without pressure? From first contact, do you work to build rapport and establish your fiduciary role to help prospects and clients feel comfortable voicing any and all concerns to you? Which buying and selling objections do you anticipate and deliberately prepare for to ensure prospect or client hesitation is replaced with clarity, confidence, and intention?

4. Identify The Decision Making Process

In a hot market, when there may not be time for a second or third viewing or time for a lawyer to review the buyerrsquo;s offer, professionals may have to scramble to keep the deal on track when faced with fulfilling last-minute requests. Down-to-the-wire requirements for a >

The opportunity= Identify the decision makers.

Learn, in advance, who you are dealing with. Ask who, ultimately, is or are making the decisions. Clarify how many others must be involved in the sales processndash;who must view the property and who must approve or sign any offer or contract involved. At the start, and while explaining why, confirm the signing process and everybody involvedndash;including their contact information, location, and availability during offer time. If others must view the property, attempt to include them in initial showings to save time and ensure everyone has the same real estate experience for evaluating ldquo;the best buy.rdquo; Further prepare by asking yourself ldquo;what ifhellip;?rdquo; questions, that will also reduce surprises and impress clients with your think-ahead professionalism. Keep track of your objection-handling strategiesndash;successes and failuresndash;to always be prepared.

5. Ask For The Offer

When I was just out of university and knew nothing about real estate, I wanted to buy an income property. The real estate professional took me out to see properties. A few I said I liked. One I said I loved and wanted to see again. I was never asked to make an offer, so I bought nothing with that real estate professional. This experience did catalyze my interest in communication though. Real estate professionals can get so caught up in not being high pressure and in showing homes that they forget what they are paid to do: get the offer.

The opportunity=ask for the offer or the listing.

Buyers and sellers can be naturally subject to what I call informed inertia. They know more than they did when they met you, but not enough that they feel driven to take the frightening next step of making an offer or signing a listing. How do you take them from informed inertia to informed action? What are the approaches you have developed for asking for the offer in a manner and >

Prioritize these five opportunities in line with your strengths and weaknesses. You may decide to improve on what you do well or to dig into areas that need more attention.

Eventually, branch out to supercharge your entire sales process and your complete listing procedure.

Donrsquo;t just chase whatrsquo;s new. Continually invest in what yoursquo;re good
at to become a supercharged communicator.

Also available: PJrsquo;s Whatrsquo;s Your Point?nbsp;Blog.

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