Many coastal communities have given way to the condo craze and there’s literally no room for beachfront homes, this is not the case with Golden Beach real estate. Golden Beach real estate is dominated by waterfront homes, most of which are multiple bedroom mansions. These impressive homes are unique in the amount of land they have. Most waterfront land in South Florida is scarce due to its popularity, but Golden Beach is a great exception and has lots of acreage for its fabulous waterfront homes.

The exciting homes in Golden Beach offer plenty of diversity for its lucky inhabitants. Whatever style of home someone is looking for can be accommodated: Mediterranean, old Spanish, Victorian or even Deco. But if these fabulous homes don’t fit what someone is looking for, there’s always available beachfront land in Golden Beach that lets buildings create their own Golden Beach home from scratch.

Golden Beach is centrally located between incredible attractions like Miami Beach’s South Beach and Hollywood’s famous Hard Rock Casino. Golden Beach has the unique quality of being close enough to entertaining venues that it’s merely a short drive, but far enough away that it the noise and excitement isn’t in their backyard. Another incredible part of Golden Beach property ownership is that residents get their own slice of South Florida’s famous beach.

6 Bedroom Homes

Address Price Bed / Baths Interior Space WF / Pool
476 N Parkway Pkwy
$6,750,000 6 / 6
N/A Y / Y

Vacant Land

Address Price WF
476 N Parkway Pkwy $6,750,000 Y

Property Location