In most cases a real estate transaction is pretty straightforward if you’ve got the services of a qualified real estate agent well versed in a market like Miami Beach real estate. It’s when the transaction becomes more involved and complicated that you may want to consider the services of an attorney. Just like a traditional real estate agent, it’s important to do some research before hiring one.

Besides the number of years the person has been practicing, ask the attorney if they’ve ever handled a case that mirrors yours and how would they go about resolving it. Obviously every case is unique but you still want someone who is in a better position to see problems before they happen, thus preventing a Miami Beach real estate transaction from becoming a huge fiasco.

Money can always be a divisive issue, make it a point to know exactly how and what you will be charged for so there’s no unwanted surprises later on. A Miami Beach real estate attorney who charges by the hour will usually ask $150 to $200, that’s the standard. Also, some attorneys won’t come in to the picture until later on in the case and will have someone else do the preliminary work; make sure you know who will be involved in your case.