The first named storm of the season passed to the west of Miami this week, as last weekend was the official start of Hurricane Season. It is predicted to be an active hurricane season and whether you are issuing commands from another location, or you are a year round resident, there are certain precautions that you should take for hurricane season. These items may be bought and stored at any time, and implemented as you see fit. Best to beat the crowds when purchasing these items and the cost plus centers often have large supplies even if you buy months in advance. Stay safe this hurricane season!

Food Items

Bottled Water: This is the most important item to buy. It will not spoil, and prevents damage if you lose water.

Canned Foods: All items of canned food will keep for years. Soups, vegetables, select seafood meats are preferred.

Home Items

Camp Stove: If you have a gas stove, as most luxury homes do, you will not need to worry about this, however it could come in use camping anyway, if you are sporting sorts.

Batteries: Batteries for radios, alarms, flashlights. You always have use for batteries.

Flashlights: In case the power is out.

Candles: Why not take a moment to enjoy the dark and burn candles.


Openings: Use sandbags if you are in a flood zone, board windows with wood and on the interior use tape to make X’s on the windows.

Debris: Before the season starts, it is an excellent idea to have a landscaping company inspect your yard for dead branches or things that may fall and damage your home if they came loose.

Furniture: Move all outdoor Furniture indoors to prevent it from being damaged and also from being thrown about in the storm.