It could not be a better time for a homeowner to list their home for sale in Miami. The market is very constricted and home prices are at the highest they have been in over 6 years. In order to get the most value of their homes, many homeowners make improvements before listing their home. Some improvements are well worth the value, while others are not worth the investment. We would like to give you some home improvement guidelines for resale purposes, and when you are ready to list your home, contact us for a free market analysis.

Know your Buyer: Certain improvements, such as painting rooms neutral colors always pleases a wide audience, however an improvement such as a pool or other large projects that alter the property can detract from the property. While pools may seem like a wise idea in the Miami heat, they are costly to maintain and hazardous with children.

Room to Grow: Additions are very costly and if you are looking for strict resale purposes to add square feet, this rarely yields increases in price. The alteration to the original floorplan can often detract from your home, not to mention that permiting requires more effort than it may be worth.

Improve The Right Way: Making improvements to the appliances or cabinetry will give your home a competitive edge, but be sure not to over improve. If you are looking to sell your home in the next year, purchasing a Sub Zero refrigerator is not going to help your home inch up in price. This overimprovement may not make much difference.