Florida is considered one of the best places in the United States for retirees looking to settle down and spend their golden years. South Florida in particular has a wealth of cities that provide a lifestyle that offers lots of opportunities to enjoy life and soak in the wealth of unique cultures and ethnicities that make up the region, especially down in Miami.

Miami is already acclaimed for its sunny weather and world class beaches, two of several traits that have earned it a top position among places to retire and everyone knows that thanks to its melting pot of denizens, the restaurants are among the most eclectic. Particularly in cities like Miami Beach that remain in a tourism haven, retirees have a tremendous amount of options and there is plenty of activities to enjoy thanks to the city’s prevalent arts and entertainment venues like the American Airlines Arena, Miami City Ballet and the Bayside Marketplace, among others. Even CNN Money has singled out Miami is one of the 24 best places to retire in.

Although Miami Beach real estate may have been affected heavily by a significant plunge in real estate values, this city that was once reserved exclusively for the well to do now offers a huge and distinct assortment of luxury Miami Beach condos and gorgeous Art Deco Miami Beach homes that are priced towards a much broader demographic. In fact, a three bedroom home can be found for about $200,000 which is quite inexpensive considering the city it’s in.