The Four Seasons may be regarded as the pinnacle of luxury but not everyone has the deep pockets to stay in one of its ultra affluent suites and residences. The other name that comes closest to matching this opulence is the Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach condo; another respected name in luxury hotel and condominiums that some would say puts all other Miami Beach condos to shame.

The Ritz-Carlton condo is on Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road which is arguably the most popular open air shopping and dining area in South Florida. This also means that it’s easy to reach popular Ocean Drive on foot within a few minutes. You’ll also find that the Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach condo offers lots of amenities that range from personal shoppers to water sports, children’s activities, elevated swimming pools, conference facilities, a pair of restaurants and even a clothing store.

Since this is after all the Ritz-Carlton, the residences and guest suites come with plenty of luxurious and upscale features that go far beyond the expansive balconies and the beautiful color schemes found in each unit. If you’d like to be in the heart of Miami Beach and within walking distance from all of the sun and fun, make sure to take a look at the stylish Ritz-Carlton condo.