One of the most popular Miami Beach condos is the ICON South Beach, a building on Alton Road often singled out for its design and the people behind its creation. More recently, the ICON name has been attached to ICON Brickell, a trio of high rises in downtown Miami’s Brickell district that have earned a tremendous amount of acclaim. Unfortunately the buildings have yet to see buying activity pick up but that may be changing very soon.
In an effort to increase the appeal among buyers and bring activity closer to that of the Miami Beach condos of the Miami Beach ICON, The Related Group—best known as the developers behind ICON Brickell and several other much-admired projects--will be lowering the prices by more than 25 percent. The condo is still having trouble with buyers who are reluctant to pay full price on pre-existing units when the market is still seeing prices fall. The price reduction may change all that.
ICON Brickell, along with a few Miami Beach condos is one of several condominium projects that are offering incentives in an attempt to woo buyers. If you’ve ever read anything about ICON Brickell but have been deterred by the luxury price tags, these reductions may finally allow you to live and experience this much celebrated Miami condo.