Homeowners trying to sell Miami Beach real estate know that flexibility is an essential aspect of finding a buyer and achieving a successful sale. But what happens when that flexibility is a little too low? How do you approach an offer that’s well below your asking price? These “lowball” offers could actually work to your benefit in the long run if you handle them properly.
Instead of scoffing when a potential buyer approaches you with a price for your Miami Beach condos that seems absurd, take a moment to evaluate it. If it’s too low then move on but if it seems like you could use it your advantage in terms of selling quicker, strongly consider making a counteroffer. A classic game of bartering with a buyer could result in a mutually agreeable price tag that you’ll be happy with and that’s a little higher than the original lowball offer initially presented. You can probably get an even higher price if you were to throw in extra perks like complimentary furniture for example.
Always remember to know what the existing Miami Beach real estate property values are, you obviously don’t want to settle on a price that isn’t competitive. Also make sure to show enthusiasm, it will give buyers the sense that you’re genuinely trying to help them as much as you’re trying to help yourself and it also opens the door for better negotiations.