There is very little doubt that Miami maintains a high status in the United States as one of the best tourism destinations in the country. Combined with its denizens, the sultry weather, the vast array of Miami Beach real estate and 24 hour nightlife, the city’s reputation is well deserved.

Television and film usually promote Miami’s beach lifestyle, showing attractive people decked out in swimwear and designer outfits sunbathing on the city’s beaches or having drinks by one of the Miami Beach condos lounges. It turns out they’re actually onto something. According to Travel and Leisure magazine, Miami has the most attractive people in the country.

Miami also is second only to New Orleans for having some of the most impressive and contemporary boutique hotels and bars, not entirely surprising considering the appeal of South Beach. Interestingly the city ranks third behind New Orleans and Las Vegas for its notorious “wild weekends”.

One of the reasons many people flock to Miami is to experience South Florida’s sultry weather. The city however actually comes in fifth place for the best weather behind places like Honolulu but still manages to cement its top ten status on many of the qualities that have come to define the city and contributed to the appeal of vacation Miami Beach homes.