How much does architecture contribute towards your decisions to purchase a certain condominium? The Miami Beach condos are a joy to look at as many of them tend to stray from the common rectangular mold of a residential building. Bentley Bay for example has a uniquely “bent” or curved design which is subtle but manages to uniquely stand out.
Perhaps where unique design is most noticeable is in the Waverly South Beach condo, a pair of Miami Beach condos with a brilliantly colorful exterior and roofs that are indeed shaped as if they were waves. The design of Waverly South Beach is impressive but they also amazes when you explore what’s inside. Rest, relaxation and recreation are top priorities in the Waverly South Beach thanks to the inclusion of things like tennis courts, billiards, relaxing gardens, a Feng Shui lobby, volleyball, swimming pool, and barbeque areas. To further round things out, Waverly South Beach also has a business center and even a convenience store.
Since Waverly South Beach has Miami Beach condos with up to three bedrooms, they’re very flexible and you can rest assured that the western location near the waterfront will translate to gorgeous views from the private balconies. Why live in a generic building when you can choose a creatively designed high end condo by the waterfront at Waverly South Beach?