With all of the Miami Beach condos available, the city’s skyline is a showcase of unique designs. The rooftops of buildings like the Waverly make for a refreshing change of pace from the standard rectangular shape but even that building pales in comparison to the Blue and Green Diamond condos, two residential buildings located near the waterfront with a name that makes a lot of sense.

How exactly did the Blue and Green Diamond earn their name? Well, if you’ve ever visited Miami Beach during the evening hours, you may have noticed a blue and green beacon illuminated against Biscayne Bay which as you might have guessed comes from the rooftop stricture of these two Miami Beach condos. Design aside however, these buildings offer a great experience indoors as well thanks to their more than 400 feet of beachfront, oceanfront pools, tennis courts, billiards and much more.

You’ll be able to choose from eight amazing floor plans at the Blue and Green Diamond condos. If unique design and opulent living quarters are a priority, these two Miami Beach condos should be at the very top of your list.