Several of the classic Miami Beach condos have received a facelift in recent years, the popular Fontainebleau condo being one of them. Also among this group is Caribbean, a much discussed building comprised of two towers reaching six and nineteen stories depicting Miami Beach’s customary Art Deco design.

Not too long ago Caribbean’s construction loan was purchased by a New York investment group which is now in the midst of reselling the 94 units within the building, albeit at a markup of forty percent. Up to this point the group has managed to sell 35 Miami Beach condos within the building as a bulk sale for a price of $31 million, which averages to a little more than $580 per square foot.

Caribbean is one of the Miami Beach condos on Collins Avenue. Its two towers contain 25 units and 68 units, the latter a glass tower located on the southern side. Some of the amenities within the building include a pair of business centers, a relaxation lounge, a new age fitness facility and even a fire pit designed for social gatherings.