It’s interesting to know that at one point Miami had a reputation for offering little cultural substance, prompting some to jokingly say that spending too much time in the city could lead to possible brain damage. Clearly, that’s no longer the case. With great Miami Beach condos to call home and new developments, Miami now has culture to spare and it is only getting better.

Some of these new developments that will soon add to Miami’s cultural appeal include the newly revamped Miami Art Museum and as mentioned in a previous blog, the new home of the New World Symphony Orchestra. Art lovers will also be happy to know that the classic Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is getting a brand new addition. Speaking of art, don’t forget about the Art Basel event that draws hundreds of aficionados to live in Miami Beach condos.

Part of Miami’s cultural renaissance has to do with its location as it sort of connects with the Caribbean, Latin America and also has heavy European influences. Because of this, it’s not uncommon to see people from all backgrounds investing heavily in Miami Beach real estate. Do you think Miami has evolved from its origins as a strictly party hotspot into a cultural metropolis?