Last month the surprising news that one of the Miami Beach condos, the trendy Gansevoort South Beach was having behind the scenes monetary hassles ended up forcing to the building to switch hands in terms of ownership. It appears that there are still some shakeups that need to be addressed.

In addition to having new owners, the Gansevoort South Beach is now also under new management, a move that has not been met with open arms by the original Gansevoort developers who are also the founders. Lender Credit Suisse has now decided to switch over management of the Miami Beach condo to a company called Coral Hospitality, based in Naples.

Those of you who frequent should know that despite the drama going on behind the scenes, the new manager stresses that Gansevoort South Beach will continue its status as one of the hottest Miami Beach condos with no disruption in service. Does this news make you think twice about the Gansevoort condo’s future longevity and quality of service?