Just north of where you’ll find all of the much discussed Miami Beach condos is Sunny Isles Beach. Positioned right next door to Bal Harbour and just south of Aventura the city is well known for its many beach and oceanfront condos, many of which are actually quite recent in terms of when they were built. The problem is that a good number of them remain empty.

More than 6,000 units within the existing Sunny Isles condos are considered new yet nearly 25 percent of them remain empty. Obviously Sunny Isles Beach is not the only area that has faced such tough conditions. Many new Miami Beach condos have also struggled to find willing buyers and others have collapsed before they were even started.

For those who are willing to look, there are a number of Sunny Isles Beach condos that rival Miami Beach condos, the recent Jade Ocean and Jade Beach condos being a good example. Sunny Isles Beach is also the home of several Trump condos, a few of which have had to slash prices in order to spur demand. If Miami Beach doesn’t sound too appealing, you can enjoy a similar experience over in Sunny Isles Beach.