While Miami Beach condos are generally considered the top choice when it comes to the best places to live in South Florida, even buildings like ICON or the Apogee condo fail to match the stature of the Four Seasons Miami. So let's put aside these buildings for a while and instead focus on some recent happenings at the ultra luxurious building in downtown Miami.

The Four Seasons Miami condo was recently sold for nearly $30 million dollars, that's quite the interesting number when taking into account the highly distinguished name that's being discussed. However, this purchase excludes any actual residential condominium units as it was only the hotel portion of the Four Seasons that was bought. A new Florida based corporation is now the owner of this building that puts Miami Beach condos to shame.

Besides the instant name identification, the Four Seasons Miami also differs from Miami Beach condos in its height. It's currently the tallest building in the city as well as the state thanks to its huge seventy stories. The building belongs to downtown Miami but sits in the Brickell area, home to several of the tallest buildings in the city of Miami.