Is the Making Home Affordable program ultimately doing more harm than good? Many of its followers seem to think so and judging from the amount of coverage it's received lately there may be valid reasons to be concerned about its future success. It seems that the program could just be spreading out additional Miami Beach real estate foreclosure for more years than actually helping homeowners.

The program is now a year old but despite having over a million modifications approved, less than 170,000 of cases have actually had some discernible degree of true success. A major concern remains the very real possibility of for example, someone owning Miami Beach condos, receiving a modification and then defaulting once again. Plus, a lot of those cases of people assisted are on a trial basis, the number of those who will receive permanent alterations is even less.

How do you feel about the Obama administration's program? Is it slowly but steadily making inroads towards reducing Miami Beach real estate foreclosures? Should that money be focused towards something more effective? Perhaps you're among the people who are receiving assistance and may find it a lifesaver. The actual figures as to how many actually got permanent modifications will be released today, it should provide a better idea of how well the program is faring.