Not too long ago the city of Miami Beach decided to look towards the future and launched complimentary Wi-Fi throughout many areas like Lincoln Road, a move that not only made the city more technologically up to date but also increased the appeal of Miami Beach condos, particularly for those using them as vacation homes.

The Wi-Fi news may not have sent shockwaves through South Florida or generated too many front page headlines but that was probably because it was only the beginning. Instead, Miami Beach is looking to become one of the several cities in the country to test out Google's impending ultra high-speed broadband network, a network that's more than ninety times faster than what most people currently use as their internet connection in their Miami Beach condos.

Miami Beach must now ensure that it meets all of the conditions and criteria that the search giant will require in order to become one of the initial testbeds for the new broadband initiative, including things like the amount of community support, weather conditions and the general availability of broadband. Will blazing speeds by Google draw more people such as business professionals to consider Miami Beach real estate?