When it comes to debt, collectors can be quite unpleasant if not downright bullish when trying to get the money owed to them. If you’re already struggling with trying to pay the mortgages for your Miami Beach condos on top of other bills, having someone try and pressure you into coughing up money you obviously don’t have will not help a situation. It seems like banks have finally caught on to this.

Major lending institutions are now trying to adopt a friendlier approach towards resolving debt collection and dealing with delinquent homeowners. Lately this has involved monetary incentives such as cash or gift cards as well as useful employment services or even those designed to prevent suicide. The effort is meant at least partially as a means of improving the image of major banks in hopes that once the market rebounds, buyers will choose the bank again the next time they’re looking for a loan to purchase property like Miami Beach condos.

In many situations banks are going as far as to work out a brand new monthly trial payment solution with a homeowner. Will this new approach ultimately improve the bad reputation lenders have received?