Choosing to live in Miami Beach condos versus a traditional home means having to abide by the rules of a condo board, each of which has things residents can and cannot do. Although there is a certain amount of freedom in terms of how a board chooses to operate and enact its rules, there are a few instances where even a condo board cannot take too many liberties.

Generally speaking, boards for any and all Miami Beach condos do not have the authority to make major changes to standard condo elements unless owners of a unit have been notified and have approved. This means that for example, a board cannot simply close down an amenity such as a fitness center, pool or Jacuzzi if they already exist and have been in regular use. On the other hand, a board can dictate how an amenity may be used and what the rules are, provided they’re within reason of course.

It’s also common that you may come across Miami Beach condos where the condo board will request that you provide an extra key in case the need arises to enter your unit in an emergency. Although there is no state law stating that emergency access must be granted, the requirement is usually upheld. However, if you’re concerned about someone entering in a non emergency, you can install additional security such as a chain lock to give you some peace of mind.