When it comes to the housing market in 2010, the news regarding its activity continues to be largely positive and the latest round of statistics are once again proving that there just might be significant evidence proving that a recover y for markets like Miami Beach real estate is indeed underway. Home sales once again showed more than just encouraging signs last month, they surged.

The sales of both condos and traditional homes in South Florida saw an upswing during March, boosted not only by prices and the soon to end tax credit but also from deep pocketed who are finally getting off the fence and choosing to invest in real estate instead of dealing with the risks of a highly unpredictable stock market. Compared to March of 2009, Sales of single family homes and property like Miami Beach condos rose 17 and a whopping 58 percent, respectively. Those hopeful numbers are only representative of Miami Dade County.

Will this trend continue now that the home buying tax credit will be ending in less than ten days? Some major real estate franchises are planning to encourage Miami Beach real estate sellers to contribute $8,000 towards the closing costs to maintain the buying momentum. For the time being, it’s good to know that nearly six months into 2010 the activity remains encouraging, for the most part.