Those of you who have been waiting out until the Miami Beach real estate market hits rock bottom may want to start exploring your options. According to real estate professionals around the state, the Florida real estate market has probably reached its bottom. The keyword here is probably so you may want to take this proclamation with a grain of salt.

So now that all of Florida has reached its lowest point, is it finally time to get off the fence and spur those relatively slow sales for Miami Beach condos? Well, that’s still up for debate. Even though prices may have gotten as low as they’re going to, these same real estate professionals do caution that the market situation won’t be improving anytime soon. In other words, take the same precautions you normally would.

The reasons behind the survey results are due to a flood of money from domestic and foreign investors seeking worthwhile deals and to a lesser degree, the recent signs of life insurance companies dipping their toes into commercial property investing once again. Are these professionals on to something? Is it time to start snapping up Miami Beach condos before prices start to increase eventually? What are your thoughts?