Two days ago some rather distressing news had several Miami Beach condos and hotels concerned. After city officials debated whether rooftop bars and parties were a disturbance, it was soon followed by a potential ban of selling alcohol on the beach. Considering that many beachfront condos and hotels are expecting lots of people during this long weekend, this possible ban could significantly affect the bottom line.

In a move that has many people breathing a sigh of relief, city officials have chosen to postpone the onetime immediate ban of beachfront booze until Miami Beach’s attorney delivers a formal legal opinion. If you were looking to head out to Miami Beach condos such as the Fontainebleau, Gansevoort or W South Beach well, you can now rest assured that your piña colada will be waiting for you at the beach itself.

In case you haven’t been following the recent news regarding Miami Beach condos and hotels, the city is seeking to crack down on public drinking after receiving a wave of complaints that also mentioned the amount of litter there was during speak break. Would an outright ban be the best solution?