A hugely integral part of the appeal of certain Miami Beach condos is the partying, the partying on Ocean Drive, the partying on the beach and in cases such as the W South Beach and Gansevoort, the rooftop parties. These rooftop parties are vital moneymakers but they may soon disappear if the city intervenes.

Neighboring residents living in conventional residential towers have been complaining about some of these rooftop bars and parties for some time now due to the noise and reduced quality of life. Considering that they’re an integral source of income, these complaints have some hoteliers a little concerned that a citywide ban could negatively affect some of these Miami Beach condos that also function as hotels when the situation isn’t exactly favorable.

Should Miami Beach take action, it’s a strong possibility that a ban would only affect new Miami Beach condos seeking permits for rooftop lounges while others could remain in business or possibly lose their permits if complaints continue. Do you think cracking down on these lounges is a good idea?