Let's briefly put aside Miami Beach condos and move the focus a little over Biscayne Bay to the west. You may have heard about Brickell Station not too long ago. The ambitious project was originally conceived back in 2006 as a soaring 600 foot tower atop of a ten story parking garage but ultimately never came to fruition, at least not in its original incarnation. Six years later, The Related Group, a prominent South Florida developer has decided to reduce the scope of the project significantly.
The building that was once going to be called Brickell Station and might've given Miami Beach condos a run for their money is now being proposed as My Brickell. The previous height of 600 feet has now been reduced to 350 feet and the parking garage...is no more. While the reduced height was meant to comply with zoning codes, the fact that My Brickell will contain more than 200 condos without a parking garage isn't being met without some degree of discontent among locals of the downtown Miami area.
The idea is for My Brickell to use the leftover parking spaces of My Brickell's neighbor, the 500 Brickell condo. However, owners of 500 Brickell feel that there simply aren't enough spaces to accommodate 200+ more vehicles. The Related Group has yet to receive the ok on moving forward with the My Brickell project. Does the lack of a parking garage sound like it should hinder development of a new residential building?

UPDATE 11/1: We have a few new details on what's in store for My Brickell condo and what the building will look like. The building will be 25 stories tall and will have 192 units available as studios, as well as one and two bedrooms. Square footage will range between 600 to 1,195 square feet.

In terms of amenities, it will have most of the amenities usually found in high end Brickell condos including a swimming pool, fitness facility, a social room and of course the services of concierge and around the clock security. There's a good chance that further details on amenities will be revealed once the project comes closer to completion.

We've also come across a few developer renderings of what My Brickell's interior and exterior are expected to look like. What do you think?