One place that most South Floridians frequent whether or not they live in Miami Beach condos is the Miami Beach Convention Center. This classic mainstay of the barrier island has played host to many important events, including Art Basel. Many believe however that the building is long overdue for a major overhaul and expansion, but who will provide the estimated $650 million in funds necessary to get that done?

City manager Jorge Gonzalez has been holding discussions behind the scenes with some major names. In fact, none other than Hilton and Marriott have sat down with Gonzalez to discuss an ambitious expansion that would swell the size of the convention center to a whopping two million square feet and would include a 1,000 room hotel. Speaking of which, Hilton already has a well established high reputation thanks to the Miami Beach condos of Bentley Beach.

What are your thoughts on the convention center expansion? The project would certainly boost the appeal of Miami Beach condos and likely increase property values but there are significant hurdles to overcome that need to addressed.