Most buyers know that one of the major caveats of choosing Miami Beach condos over a traditional home is losing a significant amount of creative freedom. Inside—and especially outside—the walls of your posh unit overlooking Biscayne Bay, what can and cannot be done is mostly governed by the association. In such a scenario, what happens when you want to turn those wall colors into a shade you find more agreeable?

Generally speaking, Miami Beach condos or any condo is required to maintain the same exterior color when it's being repainted. There is however a certain of leeway here that one can potentially get away with, such as changing a plain white color to something off-white. Of course you must make sure that these changes don't violate the so-called “material alteration” of an association's elements. In other words, stick with a shade closer to original and refrain from doing something radical like going from white to blue.

Always remember that the ultimate decision is that of the association board. At least 75 percent of the association must approve the change unless there are governing documents that dictate otherwise. If these hurdles seem like an unnecessary headache and stifle your inner Picasso, perhaps Miami Beach condos may not be as good of a choice as a single family home.