The general consensus by wary real estate followers when it comes to real estate is that renting is a safer bet than buying property like Miami Beach condos. With a slow market and all of the other exhaustively discussed problems affecting it, the reduced commitment of renting has lead to a significant renting increase. That may no longer be the case however.

Thanks to a small “buying boom” fueled by a steady influx of foreign investors, prices for Miami Beach condos have considerably stabilized since we rang in the year 2011. As a result, it's now a significantly safer bet to buy than it was to rent.

All of this should be taken with a bit of guarded optimism however. This news reflects the cost of purchasing two bedroom condos versus renting a similar property so if you're considering bigger Miami Beach condos for example, you'll need to evaluate whether it makes more sense to buy or rent when the climate remains uncertain to say the least.