One of the more unique Miami Beach condos to emerge during the 2000s was Canyon Ranch. This one of a kind building took the whole condo living approach by not only offering the comfort and style that Miami Beach condos are known for, but also singled itself out by focusing strongly on promoting healthy living. Now that it's had time to fully establish itself, how is the building doing?

Canyon Ranch appears to be doing well according to latest sales figures. Since October of last year, over 100 Miami Beach condos within the building have been sold, purchased by a relatively equal number of domestic and foreign buyers. Considering that the building officially opened its doors in March, the sales activity can be safely considered encouraging. While prices have likely accommodated to current values, the sales director of Canyon Ranch condo says that these sales have not come as a result of cutting any special deals.

There are one, two and three bedroom Miami Beach condos for sale at Canyon Ranch which have sold from $425,000 to over $2 million on the higher end. With its healthy living approach and continued interest from international buyers—particularly Brazilians—Canyon Ranch may become a major success story.