Living in Miami Beach has so many advantages, proximity to the beach, wonderful boating, superb dining, world class shopping, but sometimes peace and quiet can be difficult to come by. Even with the most luxurious condominiums noisy neighbors can also wreak havoc on your personal enjoyment. We encourage enlisting contractors and sound engineers for major sound proofing, however we have some DIY tips to soundproof easily so the only noises you hear are those you create. If all else fails, have your neighbor over for a dinner and make more noise together!
1.Put up a Wall! Build a wall with approximately 2 inches dead space between your existing wall.
2.Use Your Power! Reroute your power and wires through this new wall, not only will you be able to hide some unsightly wiring, but you will reduce noise significantly.
3.Insulate! Fiberclass insulation works wonders in this space and safe guards the electrical wires.
4.Dampen the Sound! Finally, use sound dampening agents to finish the wall.
5.Sub Woofers! Are your speakers directly on the ground? Raise them on stands or tables. Also, often Sub Woofer frequencies may be reverberating because they are close to a wall. By moving these you can eliminate these added sounds.