Many condominium home owners would love to grow a garden on their balconies, but simply do not know where to begin, nor know precisely what to grow. There are few things more rewarding than growing herbs for example and making a pesto with fresh basil. Beyond herbs there are varieties of citrus trees and even small fir trees that thrive in semi sunlight. By being either east facing or west facing, certain plants that require partial sun actually thrive in condominium environments. Here are some simple steps for beginning your balcony garden. If you are new to the area and in need of a balcony to populate with herbs and flowers, please call Miami Condos and Homes Today!
1.Keep in mind the end size of your plant. Like buying a pet, you must know the end size. A bull mastiff would be unhappy in a 400 square foot studio, and so would a palm tree on a balcony. Further, make sure the container you are placing the plant in is appropriately sized for the end result.
2.Minis. Many of the plants you may love in their full size are available in miniature varieties. These mini flowering plants can also be combined in a larger container to make a living arrangement, check with your local supplier for combinations that thrive together.
3.When designing the layout of your garden, consider if you would like to have fruits or vegetables and their growing seasons. You could use one space explicitly for a fruit or vegetable in season.
4.No need to use insecticides. Since condos are in the sky, the threat of insects is considerably less, so growing organically is highly favored. Many chefs in New York and beyond favor this type of growing for this very reason.