When you list your home, it is important to get the word out to neighbors and more important still to other brokers that your condo is available for sale, and without the pretense of a showing, an open house is an incredibly effective tool for your sales strategy. The open house is a veritable store in which you are not pressured to buy, rather it is simply a place for prospects to come and peruse your home. With the advent of internet marketing and search engines for homes, less and less facetime has become the norm in real estate interactions. The open house is an easy access way to gain facetime with prospective buyers.
By opening your home, your neighbors will have access to see your home and recommend it to their friends, thus increasing the network exponentially, which is impossible to do online. If you are a broker attending an open house, you also will be able to size up the competition if you have a listing in the building and be able to better produce your comparative market analysis if you are looking to sell in the building. Further, as an agent your contribution to the open house, whether you provide catering, or have the home staged, will impress your seller as well as the neighbors, which in turn can manifest into more listings in a condominium. We recommend open houses at least 2 times per month, adverstised in the Multiple Listing Service as well as across your social media platforms. If you are an involved seller, it is also a good idea to invite your friends or colleagues who are in the market for a home. It is best to maintain a low profile, if you choose to stay in the home during an open house or simply stay away. Let your realtor do the work at an open house and be open to their suggestions in terms of de-cluttering and average temperature of the home. If you are looking to sell your condominium and require a realtor to host these open houses, contact Miami Beach Condos and Homes today!