Moving can be one of the top five stressors in life, however with the correct preparations and correct management of staff, it can be relatively simple. Miami is home to a number of excellent movers and there are also staff at your building and concierge who are personally acquainted with trustworthy movers. This is not to say that you will still want to handle certain things yourself, whether it’s the incredible shoe collection or the watches you collect. Beyond personal items there are also architectural items that require special care, such as installed sculpture, additional lighting, and specialty water filters. We would like to offer some tips to luxury moving, if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us today.
1.Contact Your Building Concierge and Management. As soon as you know you are moving, and know the date, choose a date to move at least one week if possible before you actually have to be moved. There are always contingencies and often buildings have policies on moving, potentially a waiting list for freight elevators.
2.Hire specialists. For sculpture, fixtures, and rugs, hire specialty movers who have temperature control and expertise in this area. There is nothing worse than a broken several thousand dollar anything, which can result from and inexperienced mover. Further, while it may not sound important, some rugs, antique oriental rugs for example really do require climate control. Do not skimp on this count.
3.Plan Ahead. Have your staff on hand extra days of the week. When packing all of your most important possessions, do this first, then have a precise plan of delegating packing duties to several people. Usually by room is the most effective. Make sure you are supervising to insure everything is correct or have someone you trust there, however if you can be there, it really is an excellent time to de clutter and get rid of unwanted items.