The kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether you have a penchant for cooking or have a chef on staff, it is common in the United States for families to congregate in the kitchen. The kitchen is also the most common remodel currently and does add value to your home. Expert designer and kitchen remodeler Mick de Giulio has a few trends and tips for the perfect kitchen. If you are looking for a home with a specific kitchen, call us today!
1.Opening a Space. If you think your floorplan does not allow for a large kitchen, consider consolidating your space and removing a breakfast nook and formal dining room. De Guilio cited that a number of people have opted for a larger kitchen in place of a formal dining room.
2.Shelves. Increasingly, open shelving systems are preferred over heavy cabinetry. Once again, this is done with the purpose of access for your guests and family. It is a very sleep option and makes grabbing a cup a breeze.
3.Style. De Guilio recommends picking a theme for your kitchen. In Miami Beach, the beach theme in whites predominates, however there are some very quaint options such as Scottish cottage.
4.Needs. Are you a cook? Do you have a staff? By answering these questions, you further define your needs in the kitchen. An open kitchen without a formal dining room does not make sense if you have a chef on staff. So much of a family life revolves around the kitchen and if you enjoy cooking, why not entertain in the kitchen as well.