The open house is one of the most valuable tools you have on the ground for selling your home. From telling your neighbors, to involving your community, these three tips will really help to get your home the exposure you need to get your home sold quickly. Miami Beach has so little inventory, the chances of selling your home under 6 months are extremely high. If you are looking to sell your home today, please contact us!
Visibility: Literal visibility of the home is of utmost importance, so make sure all the trees are pruned and the grass is cut. Have the open house sign outside the home sometime such as a week before the event, make sure there is a date on the open house sign, and neighbors will be sure to see when it is. Further, make sure all of the For Sale signage is accurate. This makes it much easier to see.
Above and Beyond the MLS: Zillow, Trulia,, and the MLS are musts for posting open houses. Not only do brokers get information from these sites, buyers do as well. These also increase the search engine optimization for the property.
Like a Good Neighbor: Get your friends involved by distributing fliers. If you live in one of the luxury areas of Miami, chances are you have acquaintances in other nice areas that would be happy to pass on some news of your home for sale.