The holiday season can be a wonderful time to sell your home, provided you keep a number of things in mind. Firstly, make sure your family time does not interfere with the time your realtor will need to show your home. Try scheduling time for your family with time out of the home to see holiday movies or visit holiday type establishments. Santa’s Enchanted forest is a holiday theme park we have in the area and it can actually be a good bonding time. Remain flexible in the amount of time you have to show the home and for open houses, while keeping in mind a buyer is under the same time constraints, if not more because buyers are often from out of town.
Popular and true advice of realtors the world over is to have clutter and personal effects at a minimum in a home. This can present certain problems with holiday decorations. There is a fine line between personal and tasteful and tacky. A Christmas tree and a menorah are understandable and acceptable, however a lot of additional decorations will detract from the home. If you have any doubts regarding what is considered tacky and what is tasteful, we recommend you consult holiday design magazines. In some instances, holiday scents have been known to actually increase the curb appeal of a home. The smell of pine needles and cookies can make those in your home feel as though it is a happy place. The inventory in Miami Beach is incredibly low, so you will likely not have a difficult time selling your home, whether in a holiday season or not, so contact us today to get a comparative market analysis. Happy Holidays.