Many are taking advantage of record low mortgage rates and refinancing to make additions or renovations. Whether you are looking to build a new kitchen or customize closets, you will need a team of professionals to make your vision a reality. We recommend hiring a designer and contractor to actualize your vision. There are a number of considerations you will need to take into account before hiring your dream team and we would like to illuminate them here. If you are looking to remodel for the purpose of resale, contact us today!
1.Timeline: How long can you go without use of your kitchen or bath? Depending on the materials you will be using and the area of the home you are remodeling you will need to determine the maximum amount of time you can do without total use.
2.Costs: Make a list of improvements and money allotted to each project. The designer will come in great hand in this particular matter since they have an idea of how much materials will cost as well as the timeline for ordering and the approximate time for installation. The contractor can price out the cost of a job per hour as well, completing your total budget.
3.Material and Style: This is the primary purpose of the designer. They can direct you to the materials and types of finishes that are most cost effective and within your vision. The style you may be leaning towards from magazines may not be the best for the overall home as well, having a very minimalist kitchen with a French living and dining area detracts from the home in terms of resale value.