A home is as good as sold at first glance. The curb appeal of a home is critically important and there are some simple tips that will increase the curb appeal of your home without significant investments. If you are looking to sell your home, contact us today!
Front Yard, First Impression
Your front yard can be your best asset. Utilizing mature flowers and bushes that are well trimmed, buyers will immediately feel that the home is more valuable. Be sure to keep the lawn mowed evenly and resod periodically.
First Steps
Have your door knobs polished. As superstitious as this sounds rusty doorknobs will deter buyers. A clean welcome matt and freshly painted door are also excellent for making first impressions.
Roof Repairs
Roof repairs are one of the most common reasons for a home to fail inspection. A home buyer also will be looking at the roof and asking regarding its status, especially considering that is after all, the key element of a home.
Lighting in a home is very important. Make sure there are already lights on for a showing. Exterior lights as well should be on to highlight your landscaping as well as to light your walkway to your home.