When you list a home, you expect that it will sell within 6 months, conservatively. In this market, we are seeing homes sell as quickly as 4 days. New sellers hear these stories and expect when they list their home, it will sell immediately, if it does not, they are in disbelief. The short answer is there are a number of deterrents and solutions when your home does not sell quickly in a market with so little inventory, which is the prevalent climate in Miami. We are offering you and inside look at the mechanisms that may be underlying why your home is not selling, and some solutions. If you are considering listing your home on the market, you will find these points useful as well, contact us for private consultation, as we are always available. Happy Selling!

  • Priced Too High: This is a no brainer in real estate. If your home is priced significantly higher than homes listed in your neighborhood, in terms of square feet, and amenities, chances are it will not sell. One indicator of a home being priced to high, is the reaction of other realtors to the listing. Your listing realtor should be able to provide you with an accurate comparative market analysis that will put your home in a price point that will allow it to sell quickly and also be fair.
  • Something just isn’t right: If your home has undesirable features such as a small yard, a poor view, or bad location, there is a good chance that has something to do with it not selling. There is little you can do in this instance save a price reduction.
  • Not Exposed Enough: Your realtor should at the very very least list the home on a multiple listing server, craigslist, realtor.com, Zillow, and Trulia. Further, they should advertise the home across their social media, blog, and newspaper for maximum exposure to buyers. One tip would be to pay attention to their listing presentation and see how they access channels to buyers.
  • Too Personal: If your home has too many personal affects a buyer will likely step away because of their inability to see themselves in the home. Home paint colors may affect this and pictures too. Stick to neutral colors and no bricka brack.