Miami Beach condos are some of the hottest selling properties in the country. Our inventory is incredibly reduced and even properties that have not sold yet are being sold in presale. If your home is not selling there could be a number of items at play. One reason, is the price is too high. Another reason, is that there may be too many personal effects and buyers cannot see themselves living in the condo. If the later is something you would consider, we recommend employing a staging expert. Staging a home has a number of benefits. If done correctly it will help the home sell, and as a seller, you would already have your effects moved out and the transaction breaks up the headache of moving. Here are three staging tips and if you are looking to sell your condo in Miami Beach, contact us today!

  • Limit Effects, not Affects. In terms of effects, we recommend that you remove family photographs, personal trinkets, and all small items that can clutter a home and open areas. Instead, make a statement with pops of color in areas, such as with decorative pillows and area rugs. Small splashes of color add character, without adding clutter.
  • Comfort is King. When staging furnishings, stay away from harsh lines and too stiff furnishings. Comfortable easy styles, in plush fabrics will always appeal to buyers of all tastes. It is exceedingly rare that a buyer will want an uncomfortable sofa, a fact worth considering.
  • Life and Style, not your Lifestyle. Wall hangings are probably the most contentious item in staging. While you do want to have pictures and imagery, it must be widely popular. One tip we suggest are photographs. Not photographs of modern lifestyle, but nostalgic photographs relating to old Miami are surprisingly effective.